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At Hooting Owl Distillery we distil 6 distinctive Gins that represent not only the history of our location at Barmby Moor House, but also our family. We are proud Yorkshire folk and seek out botanicals that represent each of the 3 Yorkshire ridings as well as South Yorkshire. There are different methods for producing gin’s, we feel that the best way to produce London Dry Gin’s is via the maceration and single shot distilling method, whereby we steep our botanical recipe in a neutral grain spirit for between 12 and 18 hours this extracts the botanical oils from our recipe we then rectify the spirit removing the heads and the tails and only bottling the pure flavour filled heart of our spirit. The distillery houses 8 stills, all suited to different styles of spirits. We take our receipes and put them into the still, we then add our 95 to 96% base (which we have already spent some time on) then we add water to bring down the ABV. We then lay it to steep overnight.  
We use a single pot distillation mehod, which we add all our botanicals and alcohol into with a 12 hour steep. This method can only be done in small batches. Our aim at Hooting owl is to reduce the Methonal content in all our spirits, we distill through our ethonal still first in order to lower the content of Methonal. 
the first thing that comes out the still. We call heads. And it contains methanol and some other compounds that we don't really want. The heads start to come out the stilll once the still reaches 83 degrees centigrade, so 83 degrees centigrade. We'll start seeing some liquids coming out the still, we'll let those liquids come out and at Hooting Owl, we wait until we get to 80 degrees centigrade. Once we get to 80 degrees centigrade, we throw away everything that we've got so far and then we start collecting what we call our hearts, what most distillers do is start collecting hearts at about 75 degrees. The reason we don't start collecting at 75 is because the boiling point of ethanol is 87.3. So if we start collecting at 75 we're still collecting methanol rather than ethanol, the good stuff. So, we work to 80 degrees. We then only collect our hearts until 90 degrees. Everything that comes after 90 degrees, we throw away and that's how we get really, really, really pure spirits.  
So the idea is the spirits are really smooth. You can drink them neat they are really smooth. If you dip your fingers in our spirits and rub the alcohol you'll feel it's quite oily. And that oil is the flavour so the flavour comes from the oils. We just try to get the boring stuff out. So that's essentially how we make gin. 
All our gins share a common recipe, so the recipe in the signature is in all the other gins. What we then do, we go out into each part of the county, and we pick up different botanicals that relate to that part of the county and our story. 
Our Fruit Gins are designed to evoke childhood memories, with sweets and drinks inspiring us in our flavour selections, these flavours are designed to compliment each other.  
The first gin we released, after 12 months of development, Our award-winning small batch, single shot distilled London Dry Signature Gin uses 16 botanicals to create a smooth, richly aromatic gin with abundant sweet-citrus floral notes and a long complex finish, 42% ABV. 
The reason we use Rowan berries is because the distillery is based at a place called Barmby Moor House near Pocklington. In 1826, the local vicar used to go into York every Saturday night. He used to get the first coach back on a Sunday morning. He used to come back to Barmby moor house, which is where the distillery is. He'd have his breakfast and then he would have a few bevvies. Later he would go into the pulpit on Sunday morning and fall asleep. The locals held a bit of a petition and wrote to the Archbishop of York. They decided they send him off somewhere else, so they posted him to a place called Mountain Ash, which is in Glamorgan. It's little village that doesn't have a pub, so we use mountain ash buries in all our gins, just as a nod back to that. A little piece of history. 
Serve over ice with either pink grapefruit, a twist of orange peel or a slice of orange and an Indian tonic water. 
"Brilliant with tonic, which gives a welcome citrus lift to the whole - this is just the most perfect gin and tonic base" - Great Taste Awards 
Our award-winning, small batch, single shot distilled London Dry North Yorkshire Gin uses 18 botanicals including heather and bilberries from the North York Moors to create an earthy gin with a fruity finish. 
We took inspiration from the Hole of Horcum, the furthest place south that you can find the the rare dwarf cornel. Botanist trying to find the plant, will look for Heather and Bilberry growing together because wherever you get Heather and bilberry growing together, you've then got the correct soil conditions for the dwarf Cornell. 
Serve over ice with a sprig of fresh thyme and an Indian tonic water, if you have it add a Russian sage leaf. 
“An appealingly, rounded and intriguing fruit heavy nose with a highly botanical aroma, and clear notes of heather gives way to a refreshing, bright taste with a pleasing natural sweetness on the palate, with plenty of botanicals jostling away, leading to a smooth, bitter finish and distinct character.” - Great Taste Award 2019 judges’ comments 
Our award-winning, small batch, single-shot distilled London Dry East Yorkshire Gin uses 23 botanicals including kelp, lavender, Hawthorne berries and honey to create a complex gin with depth of flavour and a long finish that keeps giving. 
This gin represents a walk back from the East Yorkshire coast to the distillery, we try and utalise Botanicals found along the journey.  
We also find isnpiration from William Wilberforce, the West Indian Regiment, the 15th Regiment of Foot from Beverley as well as the Mutiny Act and Samuel Hodge. We include a Botanical from the Baobab tree (The African Tree of life) 
Serve over ice with fresh sage leaves and a plain Indian tonic water. 
“A sophisticated, accomplished drink”. “This gin really sings with depth and complexity” - Great Taste Award 2019 judges’ comments 
Our small batch, single-shot distilled South Yorkshire London Botanical Gin is distilled using 18 botanicals including rosemary and mint, as a nod back to our head distillers time as a butcher after he left the Army and the famous Barnsley Chop. This creates a smooth herbaceous gin with a unique character.  
Herbaceous on the nose, with a powerful rosemary punch and fresh mint aroma. The rosemary blooms in the mouth, with elements of wood, receding into a pleasant, clean, mellow aftertaste, with the botanicals working harmoniously to create a fresh, crisp herbaceous gin of character. 
Serve over ice with fresh mint leaves a sprig of rosemary and a plain Indian tonic water, alternatively serve with a slice of cucumber for a refreshing twist. 

Rhubarb & Vanilla Gin 

Delicately distilled to combine the unique taste of Hooting Owl Distillery London Dry gin with tart rhubarb and natural vanilla extract, this VIE flavoured gin delivers a fruity taste, fresh aroma and a natural, blush colour. A fun, fruit pink gin bursting with flavour. 
Serve over ice, alone, or with a top-quality mixer of your choice. Try adding fresh strawberries or a slice of orange, for a little something extra. 

Spiced Blood Orange Gin 

Expertly handcrafted to combine Hooting Owl Distillery botanical gin with the citrus of blood orange and a selection of warming spices. This flavourful VIE gin brings together sweet orange citrus and carefully balanced spices to deliver a unique flavour, aroma and a distinctive natural colour. A citrus hit with a warm, satisfying aftertaste. 
Serve over ice, alone, or with a premium tonic of your choice. Consider a slice of orange to garnish and a drop of splash of Angostura Aromatic Bitters. 

Small Batch Vodka 

Lovingly Distilled in our bespoke vodka still Anne, this artisan Vodka is 12 times distilled, producing a Grain Vodka of exceptional smoothness with a clean delicate taste and smooth creamy palette. 
Serve neat over ice, with a mixer of your choosing or in your favourite cocktail or martini. 

Spiced White Rum 

With a nod to the smuggling of old, we import fine Guyanese rum. We then add carefully selected botanicals, steep, redistill and barrel age to produce this unique, smooth, botanical spiced white rum at our Yorkshire distillery. 
The palate is smooth with vanilla, caramel and fruit notes with a slightly warming spice from two exotic peppers. 
Our 'Spiced' small batch single-shot distilled West Yorkshire Gin uses 19 botanicals including cardamom, cumin, turmeric, coriander seed and star anise, to produce a smooth complex spiced aromatic gin with several layers of flavour and a unique character. A curry in a Glass. 
The West Yorkshire regiment also has significance in the story of this Gin. They were based in India from the 1800s and the 14th Regiment of Foot being a very senior regiment in the British army. Gin was added to Tonic by the Ruperts out in India as the Tonic to stave off malaria was too bitter without the addition of Gin for the officers.  
Dom also grew up in Bradford and this also evokes childhood memories for him.  
Serve over ice with a star anise and Indian tonic water or ginger ale, if you like spice garnish with a dried chili. 

Yorkshire Raspberry Gin 

Carefully crafted to combine the unique taste of Hooting Owl Distillery’s botanical gin with the sweetness of ripe Yorkshire raspberries, this VIE fruit flavoured gin delivers a smooth, clean taste, crisp aroma and a natural, blushing colour. A fruit pink gin to satisfy all the senses. 
Serve over ice with fresh raspberries, or alone with a high-quality tonic. For an extra touch, try adding a slice of lime for a refreshing clean taste. 

Mango & Passionfruit Gin 

Thoughtfully distilled to perfectly combine Hooting Owl Distillery’s unique small batch gin with the sweetness of ripe mango and the sharper notes of passionfruit. This juicy VIE fruit gin delivers a carefully balanced flavour with citrus undertones, a tropical aroma and a vibrant natural colour. Sunshine in a bottle. 
Serve over ice, alone or with a premium mixer of your choice. Try in tropical fruit gin cocktails. 

Veterans Vodka 

A premium small batch vodka, from grain that has been lovingly distilled in our bespoke vodka still, Anne. This vodka has been distilled 12 times producing a spirit of exceptional smoothness, with a clean delicate taste and smooth, creamy palette. 
This over proof spirit can be enjoyed neat over ice, with your preferred mixer or in your favourite cocktail or martini. 

Mocha Rum 

An appealingly amber coloured dark rum in aspect despite being a flavoured white rum. The initial spice flavour is pleasant and warming leading to a sweetness afterwards. 
A beautiful natural amber colour, with gorgeous cocoa-nibs on the nose and a really complex, layered, toasted marshmallow finish 
For those who like something a little stronger; our aromatic Veterans Gin is packed full of carefully chosen botanicals and then aged for three months to enhance the smoothness of the spirit. Bottled at 48% ABV, Hooting Owl Veterans Gin is an extremely smooth, strong gin.  
Dom wanted to take the idea of a Navy Strength, but being from the army, it needed to be called something a little different, so the Veterans Stregth spirits as a part of the range started. 
Serve over ice with either red or pink grapefruit and a twist of orange peel, or slice of orange and a quality Indian tonic water. 
"A very well-crafted gin with juniper and citrus-forward on the nose and a strong cardamom note, creating a nicely rounded aromatic profile. Rich and smooth with a good mouthfeel and a little dryness from the citrus notes, producing a pleasingly rounded profile, with a surprising degree of length." - Great Taste Awards 

Pink Grapefruit & Pineapple 

Delicately distilled to bring together Hooting Owl’s premium, handcrafted gin with the sweetness of juicy pineapple, complemented by the sharpness of pink grapefruit. This tangy VIE fruit gin bursts with balanced flavour, zesty aroma and a dazzling natural colour. Guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds. 
A burst of pineapple sweetness is tempered by a hint of oily citrus peel and sharp grapefruit. 
Serve over ice, alone, or with a high-quality tonic of your choice. Garnish with a twist of citrus peel or fresh mint leaves. 

Parma Violet Gin 

Expertly distilled to combine the unmistakable taste of Hooting Owl Distillery artisan gin with the sweetness of floral Parma violet, this VIE fruit gin blossoms with flavour, aroma, and a deep, natural colour. A premium gin, perfect for cocktails. 
Serve over ice, alone, or with a high-quality mixer of your choice. Alternatively, try adding to our Aviation Gin Cocktail recipe. 

Botanical Dark Rum 

With a nod to the smuggling of old, we import fine Guyanese rum. At our Yorkshire distillery we then add a secret recipe of botanicals, steep, redistill and barrel age the rum to produce this unique, smooth, artisan dark rum. 
Highly aromatic with a smooth, balanced botanical flavour. Small batch botanical rum, hand-crafted in the Yorkshire Wolds. 
Serve rum over ice with a quality mixer of your choice or serve neat to truly experience the abundant flavour. 

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