Hooting Owl Premium Small Batch Vodka 42% (70cl)

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Lovingly Distilled in our bespoke vodka still Anne, this artisan Vodka is 12 times distilled, producing a Grain Vodka of exceptional smoothness with a clean delicate taste and smooth creamy palette.

Enjoy neat over ice, with a mixer of your choosing or in your favourite cocktail or martini.

We send out mail order via our delivery partners at Parcel force, from £4.99


Click & Collect available from the distillery (York YO1 6HZ)

Please email us to discuss trade orders. orders@hootingowldistillery.co.uk

Great Taste 2022
(1-Star Rating)

Crystal-clear in the glass and clean on the nose, with light hints of citrus, and perhaps of spice. The palate is smooth, slightly sweet, with light suggestions of brioche leading to a finish that is a touch spirituous rather than notably spicy. It's certainly clean and pure tasting, and would work well as a cocktail base.

Clear and water-white, this vodka is rather muted on the nose with some delicate citrus notes. On the palate, it is smooth and some sweet citrus notes come through. A well-made, subtle and very enjoyable vodka.

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